måndag 4 juni 2012

Installed and loved by the new owners!

The first Studenthuset finished!

The first Studenthuset is installed in Kämpinge where it is lived in and loved by Lina, who gets to live there while she looks for jobs after finishing her studies. Her parents bought it so they could use their summer house and have a modern shower and toilet at their disposal. Lina says she leaves the house open most of the time and loves the living in the backyard feeling she gets when the double doors are wide open. the desck becomes part of the living space and adds another 10 square meters to the 12 remaining inside area. The house lives up to their expectations except for the electrical upgrade that had to be done because of the 3 phase connection, when we hooked up the tankless hot water heater.They love the house, and we are glad this little Microhus found a home!

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