måndag 4 juni 2012

How to buy Studenthuset

To buy a Studenthuset, you need to first decide on the options.
They are as follows:
Base model for 195000 includes:
White metal mini kitchen with sink, stovetop, and refrigerator, white IKEA upper cabinet.
Shower with plastic flooring in the bathroom, wall hung sink and standard toilet. Folding door. Non powered vent. Plastic laminate flooring. Electric wall heater. Painted walls and ceiling.7 Halogen lights no dimmer. Outside lighting and a 2 meter by five meter deck. Sliding door and 1 window. Exterior siding Stained plywood. Roof asphalt. Wood trim details. Installation of house on columns. Shipping not included.
Standard model for 245000 includes:
Stainless steel mini kitchen, upper cabinets with a fan and a built in microwave oven.
Tile floor in the bathroom and a mirror and cabinet. Towel hanger and toilet paper holder. Sliding door. Electric ventilation fan. 9 halogen ceiling lights.
Plastic laminate flooring or parkett. Underfloor heating. built in desk Wardrobe closet. Dual opening doors and window. Outside lighting. 3x5 meter deck. Pergola roof over deck. Exterior siding of larch or fir. Metal roof. Metal trim details. Metal Gutter. Installation on foam for better insulation. Shipping included to Lund.
Deluxe Model for 295000 Includes:
Custom kitchen with stainless edged counter top upper cabinets and refrigerator/freezer, built in microwave/convection oven, exhaust fan. Bathroom with pocket door, tile walls and floor, designer sink, cabinet, mirror, massage shower head, ventilation fan, operable window, towel bar, toilet paper holder.
Twelve halogen lights with dimmer, 32" Flatscreen TV on wall bracket, Built in desk, chair, wall bed, soffa or bed/soffa. Wardrobe closet, upper storage cabinets, bookshelves, Solid wood floor or parkett, underfloor heating and heat pump. Endless hot water heater. Curtains and roll blinds. Exterior siding of fibercement or red cedar, Aluzink roof and house bottom. Metal trim details. Metal gutters and downspouts. Send us an email or go to the website for more information.info@ Microhus.se

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