onsdag 20 juni 2012

Microhus Modular Homes

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måndag 4 juni 2012

How to buy Studenthuset

To buy a Studenthuset, you need to first decide on the options.
They are as follows:
Base model for 195000 includes:
White metal mini kitchen with sink, stovetop, and refrigerator, white IKEA upper cabinet.
Shower with plastic flooring in the bathroom, wall hung sink and standard toilet. Folding door. Non powered vent. Plastic laminate flooring. Electric wall heater. Painted walls and ceiling.7 Halogen lights no dimmer. Outside lighting and a 2 meter by five meter deck. Sliding door and 1 window. Exterior siding Stained plywood. Roof asphalt. Wood trim details. Installation of house on columns. Shipping not included.
Standard model for 245000 includes:
Stainless steel mini kitchen, upper cabinets with a fan and a built in microwave oven.
Tile floor in the bathroom and a mirror and cabinet. Towel hanger and toilet paper holder. Sliding door. Electric ventilation fan. 9 halogen ceiling lights.
Plastic laminate flooring or parkett. Underfloor heating. built in desk Wardrobe closet. Dual opening doors and window. Outside lighting. 3x5 meter deck. Pergola roof over deck. Exterior siding of larch or fir. Metal roof. Metal trim details. Metal Gutter. Installation on foam for better insulation. Shipping included to Lund.
Deluxe Model for 295000 Includes:
Custom kitchen with stainless edged counter top upper cabinets and refrigerator/freezer, built in microwave/convection oven, exhaust fan. Bathroom with pocket door, tile walls and floor, designer sink, cabinet, mirror, massage shower head, ventilation fan, operable window, towel bar, toilet paper holder.
Twelve halogen lights with dimmer, 32" Flatscreen TV on wall bracket, Built in desk, chair, wall bed, soffa or bed/soffa. Wardrobe closet, upper storage cabinets, bookshelves, Solid wood floor or parkett, underfloor heating and heat pump. Endless hot water heater. Curtains and roll blinds. Exterior siding of fibercement or red cedar, Aluzink roof and house bottom. Metal trim details. Metal gutters and downspouts. Send us an email or go to the website for more information.info@ Microhus.se

Installed and loved by the new owners!

The first Studenthuset finished!

The first Studenthuset is installed in Kämpinge where it is lived in and loved by Lina, who gets to live there while she looks for jobs after finishing her studies. Her parents bought it so they could use their summer house and have a modern shower and toilet at their disposal. Lina says she leaves the house open most of the time and loves the living in the backyard feeling she gets when the double doors are wide open. the desck becomes part of the living space and adds another 10 square meters to the 12 remaining inside area. The house lives up to their expectations except for the electrical upgrade that had to be done because of the 3 phase connection, when we hooked up the tankless hot water heater.They love the house, and we are glad this little Microhus found a home!

It looks like the Studenthuset idea is being more accepted since AF Bostäder has built one of their own. This little house has made it around the world! I saw it on the Tiny House blog and I'm sure it made it on more than one student living blog and many articles.
The problem is a big one for students and young people in Sweden since they can't afford to move in to a new apartment, considering the building prices here. The idea that a house of 15 square meters is permit-free, legal to live in and somewhat encouraged in Sweden is fantastically unique and should be taken advantage of more that it does.
One of the problems, though is that most people that have a yard to put one in, don't need the extra income or the hassle of having a student living so close. The students have bad reputations though, based on late night drinking and singing in the university towns here, so this has a tendency to dissuade people from renting to a student as well.
The other might be the price. We at Microhus build these tiny houses and there are as many different trades and functions in these houses as in a larger one, so I generally inform my clients that 30 square meters only costs 20% more than 15 square meters because of all the different building moments that go into building a mini-villa like this. They are as well built as a high end houses, following the energy norms for the region and the moisture rules for Sweden. This leads to a high cost per square meter which is usually around 1500 Euros per square meter, which is cheap for a villa, but expensive for a "Friggebod"
Its the Ikea mentality again, which leads people to believe that things a cheaper than they are.
Anyway, if there are any takers, we have these buildings available for 20000 Euros and up depending on the finishes. Call or send and email, but first check out our website at Microhus.se
Bye for now!
Kenton Knowles