tisdag 1 juni 2010

Student Blog-second night and last, for now

Second night in the cabin last night. The rain dampened the visitors early in the evening, but as the evening wore on I got a trickle of interested visitors, including one drunk but extremely friendly young man coming from the ball at AF Borgen. I didn't get a whole lot of sense out of him except that he liked the house very much.

I crawled into bed a very tired worker to the driving beat of the ball, which was still very much going on. It was the sort of driving beat that you don't hear so much as you feel. I'm not sure but I think it went on till about 4 a.m. I woke up periodically and heard that same heavy pulse. Who knows what it did to twist my dreams around!

At some point there was a bit of a crash or a bang, and my power went off. I figured that one of the revelers crashed into the cabin's power line or pulled the plug or something -- not sure. Kenton came by in the morning as I was headed out and switched it back on for me. But it meant that my morning tea had to wait till I came over to Kungshuset.

It will be good to head home for a while this morning and check in on the cat, who I know will be missing me. And it will be good to be back together with her tonight. But I have to say, it was quite convenient these last two days having my bed not more than 25 meters or so from the building where I work! Meanwhile my being there gave the cabin a "lived-in" look that, I think, helped draw more visitors.

I will have to go by again this evening to greet the person who is taking over the house sitting from me!

Joel Parthemore

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