måndag 31 maj 2010

Studenthuset-breaking the new place in

Funny having people coming by all evening looking at the house, asking questions: like being a human on display in the zoo. (I know; they did that over in Köpenhamn.) The large picture-window doors added to the effect. My privacy for the night was a sheet hung across the windows. I don't feel quite ready to take it down yet!

Discovered I have somewhat loud neighbours. The music was pounding over at AF Borgen even as I drifted asleep.

Someone was asking how the heating works: radiant heat through the floor? I'm not sure.

Of course no running water at the moment, so I had to nip off to Kungshuset for my morning toiletries. I was going to make breakfast here, but I forgot to bring any water jug. Well, I need to cycle home and check in on the cat anyway.

The space is more comfortable than I would have expected, before trying it. It is, after all, no smaller than many a student accommodation, and better equipped (when the water is running :-)) than most. One thing I thought of as I was going off to sleep on the couch: a bed that folds/hangs out from the wall would be nice and probably the best use of space.

I'm off in a few minutes to shower / get breakfast / feed the cat and then be about my usual business as a doctoral student writing up his thesis. But this evening I should have some friends coming by to greet me, which will be fun!

Joel Parthemore
doctoral candidate in cognitive science / philosophy of mind

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  1. Great, Joel and thanks for being the first experimental rabbit!
    I will make sure the floor heat is turned up, and you have a blanket or sleeping bag tonight! Ear plugs perhaps